Hello, friend. I’m Brandy.

I like to sort things out. I admire order and intricacy and fine design. But, I’m also a mama of three busy littles – which means that while I’d love to linger over any profound bit of truth, I’m honestly going to log more hours looking for lost sippy cups. And yet, in the midst of my preschool world, I keep stumbling across deeply satisfying insights into the things I love – truth, and beauty, and the pattern of life.

Although contemplation tends to be more on-the-go these days, I’m determined to savor the symbols I’m finding in unexpected (and often messy) places.

This blog is about pausing to point out some of life’s surprise delights and admiring the God who keeps putting them in front of me.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I jsut read your article on finding it difficult to love your adopted child. I was just wondering if you have heard of Reactive Attachment Disorder? Early childhood trauma creates a very untrusting and angry child. You might be able to find more ways to bring healing to her heart and to the hearts of all in your family by checking out NancyThomas Parenting.com – she is an amazing woman who has brought healing to so many – she says she works with abused parents…it is a hard hard life loving a child that has had early childhood trauma. Glad your daughter has you!


    • Thank you for reaching out, Debi. I had learned a lot about this disorder when we first went through the adoption process. Thankfully, we’ve not dealt with that issue as much as many others have, but I’ll be sure to remember that resource. Thank you for caring!


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