Two years ago, I held my daughter Nora for the first time. I’d waited 3 years to have her in my arms. I thought the thousands of hours leading up to that day somehow meant I knew this little girl inside and out. But no matter how many times I’d read her profile, stared at her pictures, or dreamed of her smiles – I had no idea how beautiful she would be.

Nora Divine, you are one of my most precious gifts and I intend to cherish you the rest of my days. Here in honor of our 2nd Gotcha Day celebration, is a poem I wrote for you a few months after you joined our family. We love you sweet one!


Forever Home

You’ve been barely here 4 months
yet we can’t recount the ways
your life has livened ours
since you finally joined our fray.

We’ve upped our tickle quotas
as you’ve asked with your coy giggles.
And we do a lot more dancing
when you lead with silly wiggles.

We’ve probably tripled daily hugs
and now cuddles last much longer.
And watching you and sissy play
has made our smiles stronger.

But amid these many joys
let’s constantly remember
the families that gave love away
to put our love together.

See, you were a long time coming
And the waiting wasn’t sweet.
We started with our planning
years before your first heartbeat.

There were massive funds to raise
and reams of forms to file.
Then we had to wait through legal tasks
we knew would take a while.

Along the way, we hit some bumps
that made the process stall.
At times we even thought, it seemed,
you might not come at all.

Those days our hearts were heavy
and often fell into despair,
but those also were the moments
when God showed abundant care.

He sent us friends and families
whose hearts were full of hope.
They reminded us of Jesus
and the encouragement that He spoke.

They retold of OUR adoption
and the pains Christ had embraced
to make us sons and daughters
saved by His selfless grace.

Then once again the wait for you
became a joy-filled pain.
We trusted God could see our hurts
yet work them for His gain.

And so He did, in countless ways –
more than we’ll even know.
But of the many we could share
this one we’d like to show:

When you were just a baby
God already had planned
to use well over 60 families
to get you in our hands.

Each time a new fee needed paid
a friend would pay the dues.
It was as if He used these bills
to show more love to you.

This pattern went for 3 whole years
right up to the last step.
God even paid our travel fees
through families we’d not met!

And so your long adoption
just extended out our faith
as time and time again God showed
the measures of His grace.

Someday we hope you’ll treasure
the love that did surround
both your young life and our frail hopes
til’ we met you safe and sound.

Hold dear the gifts and patient love
that brought you home at last.
And be assured your Savior’s love
is all the more steadfast.

He planned your journey to our home
on His appointed date.
In hope, we’ll point your path to God
where your forever home awaits.


Mama and Nora - Gotcha Day 2015

Mama and Nora – Gotcha Day 2015


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