In 2014, I read a lot. Unless you don’t count my Facebook newsfeed – in which case I read embarrassingly little. I managed to get in a few good books here and there, but not nearly what any respectable English grad would call acceptable.

But I’m a busy mom. My job is to read Arthur and Dr. Seuss as much as possible and then, when the Lego castle-building begins, steal away and read whatever the trending article of the day is – preferably of the “it’s okay we’re not perfect moms with our acts together” genre.

You say “novel” and all I think is “once the kids are in school.” Instead of telling myself I’ll get to it in my pretend spare time, I resort to making a list of books I want to read but realize I probably never will.

Strange enough, I had a similar story in college. Back then I put off reading until, “after I graduate.” Then when I was a newlywed it was, “once I stop working full-time.” And when I stopped working full-time it was “once I’m at home with the kids.” And… here we are.

I love reading. I love stepping into different perspectives, understanding meaning in its varied degrees, grasping at beauty and savoring new truths. Reading is honestly my key to slowing down and enjoying life rather than reducing it to a set of tasks that need to get done.

It’s important enough to re-prioritize in my busy 2015 world. And then I came across this inspiring advice that’s motivating me to make it happen.

John Piper, a respected pastor who’s open about the fact that reading is difficult for him, shares this encouragement:

Suppose you read about 250 words a minute and you resolve to devote just 15 minutes a day to  reading. In one year (365 days) you would read for 5,475 minutes. Multiply that times 250 words per minute and you get 1,368,750 words per year. Now most books have between 300 and 400 words per page. So if we take 350 words per page and divide that into 1,368,750 words per year, we get 3,910 pages per year. This means that at 250 words a minute, 15 minutes a day, you could read about 20 average sized books a year!

Those facebook splurges add up, friends! Even if I only have snippets of time here and there, I can devote them to higher reading than just status updates and celebrity headlines. Piper’s math proves that I can easily read a pile of books this year. And I’m ready to make the trade on how I spend my “extra” time!

So in 2015, my favorite (and only still existing) New Year’s resolution is to read one book a month. I’m going about it a tad bit differently than Piper by simply resolving to reading 10 pages a day. It’ll still get me to 3,650 pages in a year which is more than enough to hit my 12 book goal.

So no matter how busy you feel these days, I invite you to join me reading a good dozen or so books in 2015!

Here’s what I have on my list so far. What do you recommend?


3 thoughts on “I’m a Busy Mom, So I’m Going to Read More Books

  1. It’s great to have a reading goal in this busy world. I think that trying to read even ten pages a day when you’re a parent is tough, so I congratulate you on your resolution. Good luck!


  2. I don’t think I read that fast. Right now, I’m reading during most nap times (2 hrs a day) but I’ve probably only read 20 books this year.
    What have you read so far that you really liked?
    P.S. I can’t wait to read Dr. Priory’s. I got my library to order it!


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