When was the last time I had a few of those illusive, unobligated moments?

Not any time I can remember. Oh wait, it’s coming back to me… It was September 13th, 2011 – the day before our first baby was born.

Since then every minute has a mission – or maybe two. “I can tidy that counter while I wait for my coffee to brew. I can dry the laundry while I feed these kids. Oh that retirement plan I’m supposed to research? I can squeeze in 10 minutes during the ‘it’s time for the kids to wake up from nap but they haven’t yet so maybe I’ll finally get to that one project’ window.”

But then, how is it I’m here typing away at a new blog? I have 3 kids, a job, and it’s DECEMBER.

Well, a couple of reasons, really. First, his name is Noah Lee and he is the best husband in the world. He gifted me with a few hours of “free time” each week to fill however I please, and this pleases me. Second, I realized life is too grand to go undocumented. Amid my many to-do’s, I don’t want to neglect admiring the things already done. I want to cherish the gifts around me and to do that, I need to process, to write, to contemplate.

So, here is your invitation to join me during my free time every once in a while. I have few objectives except to celebrate good things and the God who keeps revealing them to me.

We’ll see how this goes!


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