Grandma Minutes Explained

You should know these have been going on for a while. We started them in July as a way to bless my mom with regular glimpses into her grand kids’ day-to-day lives. Mom lives in Ohio and we’re out in Montana and these days that distance is just hard. She’s been battling with Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD) for the last few years and these videos are our tiny attempts to bring a little cheer and a lot of love into her daily struggle. She is an amazing woman who together with my fiercely devoted dad have been holding onto Jesus through the painful progression of this sickness. Even as her physical health wanes, their hope in God has been firmly thriving. For that, I’m a grateful front-row observer to this lesson in the meaning of life and God’s purpose in suffering.

I post our minute-videos on facebook so dad can easily show them to mom, but I want to start saving them here so we have a lasting record of our little ones’ love for Gammaw Casner in Ohio. We love her so much!

me and mom

me and mom


One thought on “Grandma Minutes Explained

  1. Love you so much too, Brandy. God’s fingerprints are on you. Thanks for loving your mom and I so much. Words fail me to express how precious these videos are to mom and I.


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